What’s Up With Glass, and Will It Beat the iWatch?

Google Glass, photo by Cnet

The end of the year is going to be an exciting time, with a bunch of new stuff for us to play around with like the new iPhone 5C and iPhone 5S, as well as the possible pubic release of Google Glass by the end of 2013. Although, things have quieted down for Apple, and Forbes has stated that the iWatch may not make it until next year. Uh-oh!
2013 has been a great year so far. We’ve gotten tons of new tablets, smartphones, TV’s, and other fancy electronics to hold us over until 2014. Although undoubtedly, 2014 will be the year of wearable technology. Many of the major tech companies have been rumored or confirmed to be working on their own version of a smartwatch, but it can be assumed that these watches won’t be officially announced until around Q2 2014. That hasn’t stopped small startups like Pebble or GlassUp from taking a shot at making their own wearable tech before the huge market comes pouring in. But now with Apple possibly a step behind in releasing their iWatch, we won’t be able to see what is on the table for us, pointing my full attention straight at Google Glass.

This is not to say that one product may be better than the other. While both Google Glass and Apple’s iWatch will deploy similar functions, they are still two different pieces of technology that relay the information to you in different ways. While both visual, Glass relays the data straight into your eyes, almost like a cyborg when you think about it! A smartwatch will relay the information to you through vibrations and flashing signals on your wrist, which will require more of an effort on your part but definitely won’t attract as much unwanted attention of passers-by. You’re probably wondering why I mention all of this, and it’s pretty simple actually. Glass has been making a lot of buzz in the tech world, and if Google is the first to release their wearable tech, people are going to most likely buy Glass first leaving no room on anyone’s wrist for the iWatch. Not only that, but people will grow accustomed to the way Glass relays information as opposed to the way a smartwatch may relay information. Essentially they are (or at least should end up being close to) the same thing, but I guess in the end it’s just a matter of preference.

Yeah, there are of course some people that would rather wear a watch around their wrist than have expensive plastic attached to their head. Personally, I’m among one of the people that would proudly wear a screen-projecting piece of plastic to my head. Why? Because it may look a bit silly now, but our societies have to adjust to new technology. People will start by jumping to conclusions, wondering as to how why anyone would wear a computer on their head, but over time Glass will become more prevalent in the media and on peoples faces, and they will begin to understand why.

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