So, Apple’s Making a Watch?

Apple is the most popular tech company in the world, and they have released some of the most intuitive and beautiful looking products known to man. Though recently, they have been lagging behind in innovation, and with rumors of the upcoming “iWatch”, they may be very well turning that around.

While Apple’s smartwatch is just a rumor, it makes a lot of sense as to why Apple would be making one. For one, Apple’s iPod Nano was essentially designed to be worn as a watch, as they sold watch straps right in their store and people even made applications that would add the ability to supply more watch faces. While that is rather weak evidence, the Pebble Smartwatch CEO issued a statement that he “could not comment” on whether or not Apple has been in talks with Pebble. And, well… there’s this too. Still not convinced? Here’s one posted a few weeks ago. Oh and by the way, guess who else is making a smartwatch? You know, just the regulars: MicrosoftGoogleSamsung, and LG, each confirmed. What are the chances that Apple isn’t in this group?

In response to this article (very well-written by the way): I completely agree, it sounds incredibly spot on with some of the things Apple would do with their watch. There’s many different kinds of smartwatches, as I’ve previously posted, each with their own different executions of what the company feels makes a “smartwatch”. Apple, in their case, doesn’t want their watch to simply alert you when you should pull your phone out. They want to make a watch that is an extension of the iPhone. Whether you realize it or not, a smartphone is almost literally an extension of your body. We are in constant need of information, pulling our phone between 10 to 200 times per day. Wouldn’t it be easier to just be able to turn your wrist and dictate to your watch what you want? I mean, people have been going as far as wearing Google’s Glass on their heads, feeding a non-stop flow of information straight through their eyes, why not wear a watch that carries similar functions for (literally) around 1000% cheaper?

With iOS 7 recently announced and Beta 1 already installed on thousands of devices, we know that Apple has decided to make a complete overhaul to their operating system both aesthetically and function wise. Their new Mac Pro also took up an interesting design unlike anything ever made by them. In other words, Apple is finally ready for some change. Over the next year or two they will also most likely be releasing more never before seen products, namely Apple’s supposed iWatch, television set, and more.

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