Logitech G500 Review: Quite Possibly The Best Gaming Mouse

Logitech Mouse

Logitech has their own line of gaming accessories, known as the G-Series, which includes mice, keyboards and headsets. I’ve used many different kinds of computer mice over the years, but for me, the Logitech G500 stands as one of the best gaming and all-purpose computer mice; this one is a game changer, literally.

Logitech has been around for years, producing computer and laptop accessories from mice to keyboards to webcams. After buying many of Logitech’s products over the years, not only have I seen a huge improvement in the quality of their service, but also in the quality of their products. Logitech manages to successfully stand out from the rest of the computer accessory manufacturers.

About a year and a half ago, I decided it was time to let go of my Logitech wireless mouse and switch to a wired one to get better performance. Since I’m an avid PC gamer and practically spend more than half of my day on the computer, it was time to get a nice, sturdy gaming mouse. I browsed Best Buy for a bit and went through a bunch of mice to find the one with the highest DPI, and I ended up finding the G500. I did my research through Amazon and Best Buy and it received tons of positive feedback so I thought I’d give it a try.

Opening the box, you’ll see the manual with the CD, as well as the tin box holding all of the weights for your mouse (I’ll get to that in a second), and of course the mouse itself (which has a 6 foot cable!). The first thing I did was register online, which definitely payed off because I ended up using the 3-year warranty! The mouse is pretty light without any weights in it, which is nice if you like lightweight mice, and you don’t really need to put any weights in it if you like how the mouse feels already.

Assuming you do want to put weights in it, there is an ejectable tray on the bottom of the mouse, which has 6 slots for you to put the weights in. It’s nice because you’re not forced to use one size weight. You get 12 weights total: 6 of them are 1.7 grams, and the other 6 are 4.5 grams, so you can mix and match them in the tray. So if you want to shift the weight towards the back of the mouse and have a light center, you can snap the weights in that way. It all depends on what games you’re playing and how quickly you want to move the mouse, although moving the weights around definitely makes a difference.

My favorite part about all of Logitech’s G-Series products is the Logitech gaming software. It makes their accessories very easy to customize and puts them all in one place if you have more than one of them. So my gaming headset and mouse both show up in the same place. This software really brings out the true functionality of the mouse. You can change the DPI settings of the mouse, which is dots per inch, or how fast the cursor travels for every inch the mouse moves (yes, higher is faster). There are up to 5 different DPI settings you can set, and you can change them using the + and – signs on the mouse at any point.

The light indicators tell you which DPI setting it’s on.┬áIt might sound like a useless feature, but it actually helps in more than one genre. When I’m sniping in Battlefield 3 I put it on my lowest DPI setting to get fine tuning, and switch it back to my normal setting when I’m running. Or maybe you’re playing StarCraft 2 and you need to use the fast mouse setting to fly across the map and revert back once you’re ready to caress your left mouse button.

Another cool feature about this mouse is the 2-mode scroll wheel, which allows you to switch between click-wheel scrolling and frictionless scrolling all by clicking a little button. It helps when you’re on an obnoxiously long web page and you just want to get to the bottom: just click and flick! Considering it hasn’t been implemented in computer mice before I think it was a well executed, nice addition to the mouse with an actually useful purpose.

When playing games, or doing anything else on the computer for that matter, this mouse is VERY comfortable. Prior to getting this mouse my hand would cramp up every so often, but the G500 seems to be very ergonomic and reduces stress on the wrist. While it is definitely a little bit bigger than most computer mice, which gaming mice tend to be like, it is definitely worth it and makes a significant difference. The only thing about this mouse that is a little troublesome is the laser on the bottom. It isn’t your average red laser mouse, and instead uses an invisible infrared laser which has trouble working on lighter colored surfaces. So as long as you use the mouse on a dark surface, you’ll get good mouse tracking. While you’ll still get mouse movement on light colored surfaces, the mouse pointer will move at a slower pace making it a little bit harder to play your games.

Finally I will talk about the user experience I have had with Logitech, and it is honestly like no other. No matter what product it is that I may have problems with, they never give me any issues. I once had a problem with my Logitech G35’s due to the fact that I was plugging a USB 2.0 device into the USB 3.0 ports, and they wrote a whole page on what might be causing the problem and how I could fix the issue. In the case of my computer mouse, I have presumably been transporting it wrong and wore out the middle-click button. I sent them an e-mail inquiring about the issue and attached my receipt, and within a day or two got an e-mail back asking for my shipping address; I didn’t even have to send my old one back! Within a week I had a brand new Logitech G500 in my hands. I couldn’t ask for anything more.

Should you buy this mouse? Yes, get one! Buy two. Buy five! You won’t be disappointed, it’s only $59.99 and well worth the service you get and of course the mouse you’ll also receive with it.

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